Commercial Dryer Maintenance Tips

Keep your laundromat machines running their best by initiating proper maintenance. When you maintain the washing machines and the dryers, the machines work better and you’ll get more customers at your business. Customers want to know the machines work right! What can you do to keep your commercial dryers working their best? It is not as hard as you’d suspect.

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Daily Cleaning Needed

Each day, clean the lint compartments from each of the dryers in your laundromat. If you operate an extremely busy facility you may even want to consider doing this a couple of times each day. Make sure you look for objects inside of the machines and items that have fallen into the lint filter and become trapped. This can prevent air flow which will cause the clothing to dry inefficiently.

Wipe it Down

Wipe down the inside of the dryer each day. Use a soft cloth to remove residue, lint, melted gum, lipstick, and other items that are left behind in the dryer after someone has used it. Your machines look so much better when they are wiped down and it prevents a lot of frustrations from customers.

Vacuum Each Month

Every month, the exhaust duct needs to be vacuumed out and thoroughly cleaned. This will minimize fire hazards and maximum the air flow. This is simple to do and does not require a professional, although you can hire someone to come in and perform this task.

You depend on your laundromat to pay the mortgage and keep food in the refrigerator. Do not forge care of the machines and cost yourself dearly. Use these care tips and your commercial dryers florida will work better and last longer. As the owner of a laundromat, what is more important? Put these tips to good use today!